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10 Comics That Capture The Anxiety Of Graduation

1. This might be your food budget after graduation.

2. You’ll be leaving your friends to lease one of these.

3. Or maybe you’ll return home to find this.

4. This will no longer be acceptable attire.

5. Every health insurance bill will basically say:

6. And every other job listing will say:

And every other job listing will say:

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Kevin Tang

7. And when you do land a job, you’ll feel tricked by your education.

8. You’ll flub the unspoken rules of your first work place.

9. When your alma mater starts calling you for donations, or when student loan bills arrive, all you’ll think of is:

10. Temptations toward grad school will be strong.

11. But when you wonder why you aren’t further along in life, remember:

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