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10 Craziest Things We’ve Ever Seen On “My Strange Addiction”

10. The man in an emotional and sexual relationship with his car, Chase.

Best quote: “You’re in an intimate relationship with…your car? And sexually with your car? With your car? How does that work? How can you have sex with your car?”

9. The woman who has a blow-dryer BFF.

Best quote: “I am selfish with my blow-dryer. It’s just part of me. I don’t want to go without it.”

8. The woman who eats tape to relax.

Best quote: “It’s not normal that humans eat tape. It’s not a good look.”

7. The woman who hasn’t washed her pillow since 1982.

Best quotes: “Only I know the connection that we have.”

“My pillow actually has a name, and it’s Boo.”

“It might be a little dirty, but it’s not stinky. I don’t like when people say it’s stinky.”

6. The transgender woman who likes to pretend she’s a baby.

Best quote: “I started wearing diapers when I was about thirteen, and then that gradually turned into a fascination about pacifiers and onesies.”

5. The woman who refuses to cut her toenails.

Best quote: “How you gonna tell me to just cut my toenail? They’re like a limb on my body.”

4. The woman who likes the taste of toilet paper on her tongue.

Best quote: “A good place where people really don’t pay attention to you eating toilet paper is the movie theaters. It’s dark in there, so you can sneak a couple of sheets in without anybody noticing.”

3. The woman who eats cat hair to feel closer to her pets.

Best quotes: “Lisa’s so hooked on consuming cat hair, that she can’t go two hours without a fix.”

“The best ones are right off the cat.”

“I groom my cat with my tongue, like a momma cat would do to her kitten.”

“I don’t get as involved as another cat would, I’m not licking her butt.”

2. The man named Davecat, who’s in love with a mannequin.

Best quotes: “She’s my wife.”

“She’s not awake right now because, well, basically she kept hitting the snooze button.”

“Getting her dressed, brushing her hair, and things of that nature, brings us closer together as a couple.”

1. The woman who eats her husband’s ashes.

Best quotes: “When I go grocery shopping, I buy the foods that he likes. When I cook, I cook what he likes. I don’t eat it, but I cook for him.”

“I’m eating my husband.”

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