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10 Fictional Gadgets That Need Be Invented, Like, Now!

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Yes, sometimes science fiction books and television can just devolve into giant robots and monsters fighting each other for no real established reason other than it looks cool. When you look past the violent robots and monsters, you’ll realize sometimes sci-fi can be extremely forward-thinking. We’ve talked about how many science fiction writers have predicted leaps in human technology by writing about these things in their work decades before they’ve been invented.

So, here are some gadgets seen in science fiction that we desperately want to see happen in real life. Go-go gadget future!

1.) Lightsaber: Obviously, right? They’re all glowy and cool and they would be a big help with any minor welding projects you may need done around the house.

2.) Babel Fish: Not really an invention, but still. In the book series Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (and in the 2005 movie) the babel fish is stuck into the ears of Arthur Dent and allows him to “understand anything said to you in any form of language”, which would be useful whenever I go to that Polish deli on my block.

3.) Rocket Launcher Knee: So, I randomly turned on the TV one night and saw this glorious image staring back at me. Apparently its from this obscure anime series called Cyborg 009 that briefly aired for American audiences in 2001 on Cartoon Network and its about a group of escaped cyborgs yada yada it’s a rocket launcher knee! And I must have one…

4.) PASIV Dream Machine: This device was Inception so that companies could steal ideas from their competitors by putting them to sleep and having their agents enter their dreams. I’m sure there’s a practical reason for this invention besides messing with your brother’s head, but I mean, that’s pretty fun too.

5.) Inter-Dimension Goggles: These work kinda like those old view master except Rick (from Rick And Morty) invented them so that one can view alternate realities of oneself. For example, There was a reality where Morty’s dad was famous and had an appearance on Letterman.

6.) Flying cars: These babies have been depicted in almost every sci-film, but the ones in Blade Runner are particularly cool. Sure, maybe the organization of sky highways would still need to be figured out, but man would it be nice not to have to worry about pot holes.

7.) Holodeck: The best invention the Star Trek writers ever came up with is also it’s best plot device. Here Lieutenant Yarr fights holographic foes to increase her fighting prowess and Picard goes on a weird 1940’s film noir excursion where gangsters try to escape onto the Enterprise. Good times on the ole Holodeck. Good times.

8.) Transporter: Speaking of Star Trek, I for mind wouldn’t mind having the ability to teleport wherever I wished using expertly calculated coordinates. By my own calculation, if Viral Nova invested in a Transporter my commute would be reduced by 99.9998%. Just saying.

9.) Sonic Screwdriver: This device from the Doctor Who TV series opens any door and control any computer of electronic device. Uses include getting back into your apartment when locked out and easily removing embarrassing Youtube videos you made because you were 19.

10.) Invisibility Cloak: More of a fantasy gadget than a sci-fi gadget, I know, but dudes wouldn’t it be awesome to sneak into work late and pretend like you’ve been there the whole time? You could also poke your head out from underneath and freak everyone out if you so desired.

Now, I think about having a knee rocket launcher way more often than I should. Going through security checkpoints at the airport would suck, though. I’m sure the TSA wouldn’t approve of a weapon built into my leg. 

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