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10 Funniest Stock Photos Of Men Taking A Crap

For some reason, there are a lot of photos of Asian men taking craps on Getty Images.

Out of TP. Dafuq do I care? I hate my co-workers/my life.

Old school stool! (sorry)

Gotta be at least one shot with a cat, right ladies?

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Wait til the photographer finds out he actually shit in that prop shitter.

The Shit of the Century.

Something something shitting on the environment.

Nice shirt. He has IBS, quit laughing,

My favorite: smoking a doob in an outhouse. Have you ever shit in an outhouse? I have shit in several outhouses. (Parents are Appalachian Trail hillbillies.)

BONUS: two shots from a series called “Boyfriends in the Bathroom.”

I searched through over 4,000 images to bring you this important post. I am not even going to try to guess where they might be used (Dulcolax print ads, fetish magazines).
Happy bowel movements, everyone.

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