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10 simple and nifty life hacks in less than 2 minutes, Part 2

In this edition, we learn how to use batteries that are the wrong size, how to destink shoes, and more.

Check out Part 1, if you missed it.

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4 responses to “10 simple and nifty life hacks in less than 2 minutes, Part 2”

  1. ED says:

    More evidence that they’ve been handing out Nobel prizes frivolously and to the wrong people.

  2. JL says:

    I always tap the edge of the lid against the counter to pop the seal or hit it with a knife handle around the lid. Once the seal is broken, it opens up and you can use the lid again.

  3. Carlene Woods says:

    These hacks are helpful & resourcful. Favourites: the propane bottle,can opener & screw for a wine bottle. On the poking the top of a jars’s lid… does that let the freshness escape? The iron & pan in Part 1- you can also use a mist bottle -make sure it’s on “mist”. Hold up the wrinkled mess. Spray generously, getting all areas- especially cuffs collars, hems, flaps buttons, the most noticible & agraviting areas -don’t soak it. Lay it on your wrinkle free bed or hang it up and ‘finger / hand’ press it. A few seconds & your good to go. You can also put fragrance in the bottle, just make sure it is the dedicated clothes misting bottle. Not good for the cats or your birds.