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10 Things You Should Never Do At A Bar Lead The Daily Links


Plus 5 reasons U.S.A. shouldn’t be too sad about losing to Canada, the 17 most uncomfortable Game of Thrones moments, and why you should stop drinking coffee in the morning.

Have a method to your drinking madness and learn these 10 things you should never do at a bar, as told by a bartender. – [BroBible]

Simply scandalous! Read this juicy interview with Julian Ovenden, the Downton Abbey newcomer who’s turning heads. – [DuJour]

Dream cast! Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and many more unite to read the Pulp Fiction script. – [Variety]


Turns out we’re all morning people: Read why you should stop drinking coffee in the morning. – [Fast Company]

Having trouble focusing at work? Consider getting Coke’s new “cone of shame,” now for humans! – [Dogster]

Well played, gentiles: These are the 11 best performances by non-Jewish actors portraying Jewish characters. – [Haaretz]

Don’t cry over the hockey loss, America: Here are 5 reasons not to get too upset over losing to Team Canada. – [For The Win]


There were MANY to choose from, but these are the 17 most uncomfortable moments from Game of Thrones so far. – [Ranker]

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