11 Things You Don’t Have To Stop Doing After College

The world will try to tell you otherwise, but Lucky Charms are a legitimate dinner option at any stage in life.

1. Living With Your Parents

Living With Your Parents

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Maybe you want to save your money for a car/house/wedding. Maybe your parents need some extra help around the house. Maybe it’s nobody’s business why you live with your parents because it doesn’t affect them! Ohhhh snap.

2. Eating Breakfast for Dinner

Eating Breakfast for Dinner

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Food is food, my friends. If Lucky Charms and bacon are good enough to start my day, they’re good enough to end it!

3. Eating “Kid” Cereal

Eating "Kid" Cereal

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All Bran? Not something you will ever find in my kitchen. Lucky Charms? I buy them at Costco or on sale, boxes at a time. And yes, I eat the marshmallows last. If you truly enjoy All Bran, I respect you and your lack of taste buds, but you’re never too old for colourful, sugary cereal.

4. Drinking on Weekdays

Drinking on Weekdays

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Let’s be real. If you made it through years of college taking part in Wasted Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays, there’s no reason to stop drinking during the week just because you graduated.

5. Working Your Retail Job

Working Your Retail Job

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We all have that one friend who lands a full time job in their field right out of college, but there’s no shame in sticking around at your less-than-glamorous job for a while after college. If you are getting paid to do anything after graduation, let’s consider that a success!

6. Pursuing New Interests

Pursuing New Interests

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If you pick up a new interest in basketball during college, no one bats an eye.If you pick up a new interest in basketball after college, people will question how and why you developed this new interest. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing new things you are passionate about!

7. Having Fun Being Single

Having Fun Being Single

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One by one, your friends will start to get married and have kids, but making out with randoms at the bar isn’t just a college thing! You do you, boo boo.

8. Taking Naps

Taking Naps

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Believe it or not, there are ways to fit naps in even when your job is less flexible than your college class schedule was. Never give up napping.

9. Going All Out For Birthdays

Going All Out For Birthdays

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There’s no limit on partying like you’re finally legal. Who says you can’t pre-drink and go clubbing in a tiara when you turn 35? If anyone tries to stop you, you don’t need them!

10. Celebrating Minor Holidays

Celebrating Minor Holidays

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Let’s all stop pretending that St. Patrick’s Day is only a big deal when you’re in college. It’s the one day a year you can combine all the green items you own into one outfit. CELEBRATE.

11. F@!king Stuff Up

F@!king Stuff Up

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If you thought college was your time to make mistakes and grow into yourself, you were kind of right. Screwing up every once in a while after college is still totally okay though.

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