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12 Year-Old Boy Saves & Raises Orphaned Sparrow

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Most little kids love puppies and kittens, but this boy from Siberia has a best animal friend you’d never expect: a sparrow. 12 year-old Vadim Veligurov found an orphaned sparrow, minutes after she hatched. She was all alone, exposed and easy prey for many animals, so he took pity on her.

Little did he know, taking care of her would transform into one of the most beautiful friendships we’ve ever seen.

Vadim found little Abi shortly after she hatched from an egg. She was helpless, but he was there to save her.

Her life hasn’t been that of a normal sparrow.

Vadim wanted to raise her until she was old enough to fly away, but she refuses to leave his side.

Friendships like this one make the world go round.

Vadim wanted to release her into the wild when she was old enough to fly, but she refused to leave his side. True friendships are forever, and Abi the sparrow teaches us that.


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