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12-Year-Old Real-Life Rapunzel Has Hair Over 3 Feet Long (Photos)

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Katy White has to be careful of injuring others with her braid while attending martial arts practice.

That’s because the 12-year-old Rapunzel has nearly 3 and a half feet of hair.

The girl from Ammanford, Wales has spent her 12 years growing out her hair. She’s only had it trimmed three times, and once hacked at it with scissors in an attempt to cut bangs.

The mane, which White usually keeps braided, takes more than an hour to wash.

Although White’s locks are nearly as tall as she is, the young girl gets compliments everywhere she goes.

She told the Daily Mail,

People stop me to ask about my hair all the time, I’m used to it now… I can’t imagine having it cut, although I do have it tied back most of the time, especially when I’m in school.

White’s about 15 feet short of the Guinness World Record for longest hair, but she’s still young.

White poses with her 3-foot-4-inch hair.


So far, she’s had no desire to cut it.


Hairdressers says her locks haveĀ been well looked after.


It’s something of a hobby for White.


To keep the lengths from tangling, White wears her hair in a thick braid.


If you ask White’s martial arts teammates, that braid whipping around is a weapon.


H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Media Wales Ltd

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