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15-Year-Old Killed While Heroically Saving His Twin Brother’s Life

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When a would-be thief jumped 15-year-old Demacio Bailey, his twin, Demario, defended him to the death.

Demario was shot and killed after pulling a mugger off Demacio’s back Saturday afternoon while the pair walked to basketball practice at Johnson College Prep in Englewood, Chicago, according to the police report.

The report states both sophomores had just exited a city bus at 63rd Street when a gang of four teenagers attacked in hopes of stealing the boys’ coats.

Demacio sprinted away after Demario pulled a thief off him.

When Demacio glanced back at the sound of a gunshot, Demario wasn’t with him. Instead, his body was on the ground.

The Baileys’ Chicago community mourns Demario’s loss this week, with both peers and family members describing him as a gentle teen who rarely misbehaved.

Bernice Fitzpatrick, the boys’ grandmother, told the Chicago Tribune the inseparable pair rarely left home alone before.

She remembers nothing but positivity from Demario, adding,

Demario was an excellent child, all my grandchildren are… just honorable children.

That’s how they were raised. They were raised to be good children.

Demario leaves behind three brothers and a heartbroken mother, who has not yet spoken to press.

But, when Demario’s body was taken way Saturday, the woman reportedly cried,

I want my baby back!

On Sunday, police arrested three suspects in relation to the crime. A fourth, 17-year-old Carlos Johnson, has been charged as an adult with murder, attempted robbery and robbery.

The Bailey family hopes to raise money for Demario’s funeral through a donation page.

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