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17 People Give Their Excuses For Never Having Children

While some people feel having kids is the key to a fulfilled life, others believe they can have just as much fulfillment without it. Here, a few reasons people have chosen to live their life sans children:

1. Because they’re not sure if they can trade in one love for another:

2. Because people can grow up to be, er, unpleasant:

3. Because they don’t want their past to follow them into parenthood:

4. Because sometimes love has a limit:

5. Because their insecurities distract them:

6. Because life isn’t always perfect:

7. Because sometimes we’re disproportionate:

8. Because trying might reveal something terrifying:

9. Because it can change you — emotionally and physically:

10. Because there’s a chance they’ll get your worst genes:

11. Because it’s totally bizarre when you think hard about it:

12. Because it doesn’t rank in their priorities:

13. Because going at it alone seems impossible:

14. Because everything would change:

15. Because it’s hard to be good with kids:

16. Because they love themselves too much:

17. Because the world they would be born into is becoming frightening:

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