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17 Things Northerners Living In London Know To Be True

1. Gravy in a Fish & Chip shop is as rare as a smiling southerner.


2. No beer is worth five pounds.

3. Nothing rivals the hate you feel when people cite Watford as the border between north and south.

4. More often than not people haven’t even heard of the place you’re from.

5. It’s a very confused existence. You spend all your time in the north pointing out why it sucks and talking about how great London is.

6. But if someone in London slags off the north you’ll defend it with every fibre of your being.

7. You have to constantly put up with lazy stereotypes.

8. And listen to people in London moan about the rain.

That’s not rain.

9. This fact.

17 Things Northerners Living In London Know To Be True

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10. Most attempts at your accent are just plain offensive.

11. You can’t win. When you’re in London people laugh at how northern you sound.

12. But as soon as you head home you get accused of sounding posh.

13. The depressing truth that for the price of this flat in North London…

…you could buy this house in your hometown.

14. Your parents have their own ideas about life in London.


15. There is a tangible feeling of relief when your train leaves London and hits the countryside.

16. But getting the train back to London on a Sunday is a hell few can really understand.

17. But it’s all worth it, because one day you’ll go back for good.

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