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17 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Vegetarian

1. Just because your partner is vegetarian doesn’t mean they’re going to force you to be.

If anything, they might be worried that their veggie-ness will scare you off.

2. Planning meals together can get seriously complicated.

Sorry, but you’ll always have to go veggie here. Even though you might be thinking, “Have they even tried McNuggets?!” the whole time.

3. You’ll learn all sorts of things you didn’t know about food before, like Worcestershire sauce has fish in it.

But that’s the stuff we put on fish!

4. And they might try to tempt you to their team with veggie bacon.

Mmm, stale fruit roll-ups!

5. Because you love meat, they will constantly worry about your cholesterol.

You’re not the one who’s laughing in the face of the food chain.

6. You will never be able to share a romantic steak dinner, which is a horrible, senseless tragedy.

7. Trying a new restaurant without checking out the menu for vegetarian options is a no-no.

8. Telling a vegetarian to “just order the salad” is a capital offense.

9. If you want meat, you’ll have to find a food friend on the side for all of your extracurricular meat outings.

17 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Vegetarian

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A food mistress, if you will.

10. If they go to a friend’s BBQ without their quinoa cakes, they’re gonna have a bad time.

11. You’ll start to think that being a meat eater just means you’re more low maintenance.

12. At times, you will wonder if vegetables ruin everything.

13. You’ll begin to understand that even though it’s just meat to you, eating a hot dog is a nightmare for a vegetarian.

14. You will struggle with how gross Soyrizo looks when it’s been pulled out of its fake plastic sausage casing.

15. You’ll learn that love is pretending that portabello mushrooms are just as good as actual burgers.

16. Because your SO really does appreciate how much you’re trying to fit fake chicken into your life.

17. And you know that without them, you wouldn’t be eating vegetables at all.

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