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19 Incredibly Specific Kindle Literotica Singles

1. “The Bigfoot Menage a Trois”

Description: “After years of hearing about how Catherine has had sex with bigfoot her friend, Jessica, has had enough. She wants to discover if this is true or if Catherine is just crazy.

Jessica is in for a HUGE surprise when she follows Catherine into the forest and discovers the shockingly, hairy truth!”

2. “The Adventures of Robohooker”

Description: “Are you cool enough to read The Adventures of Robohooker? Can you handle a tale that combines science fiction with erotica as well as comedy and includes crime and a violent climax as Robohooker saves a woman from being raped?

If so, prepare to meet Andi Allure, the world’s first Robohooker or android whore. Follow her through her journey through life as she fucks her creator professor Frankenstone.”

3. “Garden Gnome Gangbang”

Description: “When Jenny adds a little whimsical flavor to her garden with a trio of gnome statues, she never suspects what’s in store. When the sun goes down, Jenny discovers her new lawn ornaments are ready to get busy, and they know how to use those pointy red hats to please a woman!”

4. “Nostril Fucked by the Micropenis”

Thanks to Cooper Fleishman for the hot tip on this amazing title.

Description: “Cajoled into joining her friend Jennifer at Miami’s hottest nightclub, Naomi has little hope of finally meeting the man who can satisfy her strange, unfulfilled fantasies. When she meets Chuck, she quickly realizes that his obsession with all things big makes him the perfect man for her kinky desires. Things really heat up when he gets Naomi home and she reveals the true nature of her lust!”

5. “The Ghost Fucker: Hung Like a Dead Man”

Description: “Katrina Nightingale’s rare gift lets her see ghosts, touch ghosts, and even fuck ghosts. When a man accidentally kills himself with auto-erotic asphyxiation, Katrina is called to the scene and finds that this tormented spirit is hung in more ways than one!”

6. “Sex with a Hot Zombie”

This one is currently FREE, so why wouldn’t you buy it?

Description: “How the HELL did she have sex with a hot zombie???
The best zombie series ever!
Will Blow your mind!”

7. “The Horny Night Gaunt (The Horny Tales 2)”

Description: “Kim was doing just fine until one day she was kidnapped outside of her work. She was taken to a village where she finds out that she will be a sexual sacrifice to a monster, to be more precise, to the King of the Night Gaunts. Will Kim be enough to slake his sexual appetite?”

8. “Craving a Lion [Pride Valley 2]”

Description: “Fjord is a lion shifter and pretty content with life. His only complication is Katron, the largest of the wolf shifters. The man is so sour that Fjord wants to drown the man in the lake… But they soon find themselves in enemy territory, and Katron is taken prisoner. Can Katron get away in time to save Fjord, if he is still alive, and can he come to terms with the strong attraction he has for the king’s brother, an attraction that he has been denying since first setting eyes on the sexy lion shifter?”

9. “I Fucked the Puppet”

Description: “Aspiring ballerina Emily doesn’t like her job as a backup dancer on the ‘Dongo the Puppet’ show. When she stays late to get a wardrobe malfunction repaired, Dongo catches her ballet dancing, and Emily finds out what it’s like to dance on puppet strings!”

10. “Frankenstein’s Bitch”

Description: “Terrified yet fascinated, Emily inspects the apparently lifeless corpse, its huge penis the center of her attention. Will Emily give in to her curiosity and touch the penis? Will the creature awaken? Or will she simply flee the room and try to escape the hole she fell through?”

11. “Double Penetration by the Warehouse Ghosts: A Paranormal Rough Sex Erotica Story”

Good news — right now this is also FREE. So all of you with fantasies of ghosts that live in warehouses, go for it!

Description: “Tamara’s brother Andy is obsessed with ghosts. It’s a good thing he has plenty of money because he spends every waking hour investigating spirits and paranormal activity. Tammy can usually get out of it, but this time, she ends up setting up cameras for him so he can see if there’s any truth to rumors of ghosts at a warehouse. While she’s setting up, she gets plenty of evidence of her own because invisible hands, invisible mouths and invisible cocks are taking her before she knows what’s happening, and it’s a paranormal rough sex experience complete with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration.”

12. “Bred by the Ape Men”

Description: “After two female pilots crash land on an unknown planet in the middle of a wilderness, they must gather supplies and wait out for the inevitable rescue vessel. However, they aren’t exactly alone in this foreign world, and they soon meet another species with primal intentions. The alien apes of this planet are determined to use the two girls as a means to repopulate their dwindled race.”

13. “Stuffed! Taken by the Toys (Paranormal Holiday Gangbang)”

Description: “Dumped, by email no less, on Christmas Eve! Stephanie wanders home, down in the dumps, and flops into bed. She has a long drive ahead of her tomorrow for the traditional family dinner, but she can’t sleep. Suddenly, her collection of stuffed toys springs to life… to stuff her!”

14. “A Very Mean Girl (In Very Cute Diapers)”

Description: “When Jennifer is called to the principal’s office, she doesn’t think she has anything to worry about.

Only there’s a problem. Jennifer writes a gossip blog about her school. Always cruel and always accurate, Jennifer talks about anything and everyone—even the principal’s little sister. By writing about his sister, she draws his attention.

Principal Williams gives Jennifer a choice. Because she violated their school’s cyber-bullying policy, she can get expelled from the school or sign a waiver and accept a new, experimental form of punishment. An expulsion might derail her chances of getting into a good college, so Jennifer really doesn’t have a choice. She signs.

The principal’s punishment is simple: diapers.”

15. “Seduced by an Old Fart Neighbor”

Description: “Brianna, the barely-eighteen-year-old across the street, likes to pleasure herself at night with the bedroom curtains open. Sixty-year-old Walter likes to watch her through his binoculars. It’s a guilty pleasure for which he long ago stopped berating himself. If she’s going to be so open about it, why shouldn’t he watch? But when she comes over for a visit one rainy day after school, is it really an innocent visit? Does she know he watches her?”

16. “Robo-Dong Deluxe”

Description: “After a hard day’s work, April comes home to find a huge box on her doorstep. Instead of the regular vibrator she ordered, someone has sent her a sex robot designed to pleasure a woman in every possible way. April is in for the night of her life when she takes Robo-Dong Deluxe for a spin!”

17. “Wild Hogs: Chained Up by the Biker Gang”

Description: “When Susan’s car breaks down in the wilderness, she thinks her day couldn’t get any worse. Especially since she’s just found out that her handsome Wall Street fiancé has been cheating on her all along. But when she stops into a roadhouse bar populated by sexy bikers, Susan realizes that things are finally looking up – and she may just have the perfect opportunity to get back at her fiancé.”

18. “The Girl Who Loved Horse Dildos”

I’ll let a reader review speak for this one:

“I understand that some people enjoy defecation erotica. Some are even turned on by reading about drinking urine and diarhea, both of which are featured in this story. I am rating this story based on the lack of writing skill, rather than the subject, both of which are crap. If the author doesn’t write or speak English well, perhaps he should hire an editor or proofreader who does.”

19. “Boobs: The Search for the Best Cleavage on Facebook “

Not exactly literotica, but this is truly a gem of Kindle singles. It’s just a collection of photos of cleavage some perv got from Facebook.

Description: “Facebook is a great place to find boobs, I should know, I’ve just spent almost a month researching this fun little Kindle-only release. In fact, it is also a great place to find girls willing to take a picture of their cleavage for absolutely no money whatsoever, on the basis that a few people are going to see them in a Kindle book. I should know, I just spent four weeks asking. The end result is, well, a load of pictures of fantastic cleavages. As I am sure you can imagine, this book is a knock out.”

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