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20 Lyrics That Feel Like Your 20s


It’s difficult being in your 20s, but at least someone else knows what you’re going through.

1. ‘The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three’ – Neutral Milk Hotel

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“We go through the wave and undertow / I will float until I learn how to swim.”

You might not know how to swim through the waves right now, but don’t worry. Float along for now – you got this.

2. ‘21 and Invincible’ – Something Corporate

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“21 and invincible / whoa, can’t wait to screw this up.”

That’s what being in your 20s feels like – one minute you’re invincible, the next minute everything is absolutely going to go wrong. But the invincible moments make it worth it.

3. ‘You Don’t Own Me’ – Lesley Gore

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“I’m young, and I love to be young / I’m free, and I love to be free / to live my life the way I want, to say and do whatever I please.”

You need the volume turned up all the way for this one.

4. ‘22’ – Taylor Swift

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“We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.”

Come on. Did you really think we could get away without this one?

5. ‘23’ – Jimmy Eat World

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“Amazing still it seems, I’ll be 23 / I won’t always love what I’ll never have / I won’t always live in my regrets.”

Sometimes being 23 is sad, but sometimes it’s a good thing, too.

6. ‘In This Diary’ – The Ataris

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“Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up: these are the best days of our lives / The only thing that matters is just following your heart and eventually you’ll finally get it right.”

Something to keep in mind.

7. ‘Marchin’ On’ – OneRepublic

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“We’ll have the days we break, and we’ll have the scars to prove it. We’ll have the bonds that we save, but we’ll have the heart not to lose it.”

Sometimes, even OneRepublic can get it right.

8. ‘Forever Young’ – Alphabeat

Video available at:

“Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while / Heaven can wait, we’re only watching the skies / Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.”


9. ‘When Yer Twenty Two’ – The Flaming Lips

Video available at:

“Stuck in the perpetual motion / Dying against the machine.”

For when the work days are long.

10. ‘Defying Gravity’ – Wicked

Video available at:

“I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game. Too late for second-guessing too late to go back to sleep / It’s time to trust my instincts – close my eyes and leap!”

You’ve got to have a musical in there somewhere.

11. ‘Fell In Love At 22’ – Starflyer 59

Video available at:

“Fell in love at 22 with a girl that’s close to you / Find a job and find a life / No more long days, longer nights.”

It’s the ‘find a job’ part that tends to be a struggle.

12. ‘We Are Young’ – Fun.

Video available at:

“So let’s raise a toast ‘cause I found someone to carry me home tonight / We are young so let’s set the world on fire / We can burn brighter than the sun.”

I mean, come on. This one’s a no-brainer.

13. ‘Falling In Love With Myself Again’ – Sparks

Video available at:

“When the birthday candle’s lit, we’ll both be older – we won’t get our wish / Yes, I think that I’m falling in love with myself again.”

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re in your 20s.

14. ‘What’s My Age Again?’ – Blink-182

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“No one should take themselves so seriously / With many years ahead to fall in line why would you wish that on me? I never wanna act my age / What’s my age again?”

Another obvious choice.

15. ‘Stop This Train’ – John Mayer

Video available at:

“So scared of getting older / I’m only good at being young / So I play the numbers game to find a way to say that life has just begun.”

Knowing that you’re growing up can be hard, and no one wants to be an adult.

16. ‘Anna Sun’ – Walk the Moon

Video available at:

“What do you know? this house is falling apart / What can I say? this house is falling apart / We got no money, but we got heart.”

Because for every sad moment, there’s one where you’re on top of the world.

17. ‘Street Lights’ – Kanye West

Video available at:

“Let me know / Do I still got time to grow? / Things ain’t always set in stone / That be known let me know.”

Kanye tells it like it is.

18. ‘I Love It’ – Icona Pop

Video available at:

“I don’t care – I love it!”

That feeling that nothing else matters except for the moment is a perfect summation of your 20s. I don’t care!

19. ‘I Don’t Mind Failing In This World’ – Malvina Reynolds

Video available at:

“I don’t mind failing in this world / Somebody else’s definition isn’t going to measure my soul’s condition.”

From the album Malvina Reynolds Sings The Truth – and she damn well does. You’re never too old, after all.

20. ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ – She & Him (cover)

Video available at:

“So please please please let me, let me, let me let me get what I want – this time.”

Choosing the cover version for this one, because is there a more ‘in your 20s’ movie than (500) Days of Summer? I’m growing up and in my 20s – now please, let me get what I want.

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