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20 Reasons Neko Case Is A Goddess Among Mere Mortals

1. She’s killer in The New Pornographers.

2. And she’s (possibly even more) killer on her own.

Dan Hallman / AP

3. She sounds like if you mixed warm honey with whiskey and poured it into a hand-carved oak bowl.

6. That SMILE.

Amy Sussman/Stringer / Getty

7. She’ll teach you how to make borscht.

Check out her full (and totally charming) tutorial at Rookie.

9. Especially her adorable pets.

That’s Jerome.

10. Her fans love her and make things like this embroidery sampler in her honor.

True life: When I first heard this song, I thought the lyrics were “this tomato loves you.”

11. She makes you want to cry and wrap your arms around the whole world all at once.

12. She covered BUST, which is the raddest magazine.

“I just like to make things,” she said in the cover interview, “be it something that you’re welding, or something made out of wood, or a soup. I’ll try anything once.”

13. Her last record came packaged with delightful temporary tattoos.

It’s called The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You. PREACH.

14. One time this happened.

And then she raffled off the car to benefit 826 National, a nonprofit organization that provides writing classes to kids across the country.

15. Her songs can be awesomely gender-bend-y.

View this embed ›

“I’m a man/ That’s what you raised me to be/ I’m not your identity crisis/ This was planned.” CHILLS.

16. This video, for “People Got A Lotta Nerve,” is so wonderful and weird and populated with animated animals.

Just like the lady herself.

17. She stores her seeds in this eight-track case and her Vermont garden is an idyllic treasure trove.


18. She’s got so much soul.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

19. And is also so gentle and articulate.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

20. Watching her makes you want to unleash all the feelings you’ve ever had and make all the art you’ve ever imagined.

Karl Walter/Staff / Getty

Rock on, lady.

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