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21 Products You Need To Actually Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office

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For your ice cubicle.

You walk into the office every morning like:

It’s cold. Four seasons of the year.

But life doesn’t have to be this way.

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It’s time to treat yo’self.

1. ToastyMUG, ~$50.

Clear eyes, warm hands, can’t lose.

2. Poler Nap Sack Wearable Sleeping Bag, $110.46.


With a drawstring bottom so you can walk around in style.

3. USB Heated Fingerless Mittens, $11.99.

So just your fingernails are cold.

4. Keysocks, $11.95.

Cute shoes, meet warm legs.

5. USB Warming Blanket, $24.95.


So you can be the superhero of a freezing office.

8. USB Warm Winter Mouse Pad with Wristguard, $24.27.

Warm your heart and your hands.

9. Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion, $26.98.

Microwavable for the utmost convenience.

11. Heated Mouse CEO, $25.95.

Executive-level warmth.

12. Office Elliptical Trainer, $119.

Well you’ll feel warmer, anyway.

13. Tec Fleece with Headphones, $17.50.

So your ears can stay warm while listening to work tunes.

15. Heated Keyboard Pad, $24.95.

For optimal ~wrist warmth~.

16. Conair True Glow Heated Lotion Dispenser, $19.24.

No more office soap dryness.

17. USB Toast Hand Warmers, $39.99.

(Also available in rye bread and crispy).

20. Bear Paw USB Winter Foot Warmer, $18.99.

Perhaps best for a home office, tbh.

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