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21 Reasons Why Ebooks Are Awesome

1. Owning fewer paperbacks saves space in your apartment…

2. …and saves trees. Ebooks are environmentally friendly!

3. Plus, did you know that most ebooks are cheaper than movie tickets?

4. Many ebooks come with extra features, such as author interviews and reading guides.

5. Text-searchable ebooks are great for students.

6. Many hard-to-find titles are available as ebooks.

7. More lightweight and portable than ever before, ereaders are the perfect travel companions.

8. You can also read in bed with glowing devices…

9. …and fall asleep on them without breaking them….

10. …and increase the type size when it’s hard to see.

11. Planes just got cooler—now you can read ebooks while flying, from takeoff to landing. (Thanks, FAA!)

21 Reasons Why Ebooks Are Awesome

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12. With new synching technologies, it’s harder to lose or misplace your favorite reads.

13. Libraries lend ebooks, too.

14. With built-in dictionaries, you can look up challenging vocabulary.

15. Downloading ebooks gives you instant gratification—you can select, purchase, and start reading in minutes.

16. Statistics say that people who read digitally, read more.

17. You can read whatever you want (aka 50 Shades of Grey) very discreetly on your ereader.

18. You’ll never have to answer “Can I borrow that when you’re finished?” again.

19. Your ereader is your only gadget for which battery life is not a complaint.

20. You don’t even need wifi to enjoy this gadget.

21. And finally, your arms don’t ache from holding up a 900-page hardcover.

Happy ereading!

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