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22 Sweet Airbrushed Vans You Want To Take On Tour Right Now

3. For your fantasy metal band.


4. Side panels any roadie would be proud to accidentally drop an amp out of.

5. Is lizard rock a thing? It should be a thing.


6. All your dreams can become reality on the side of a van.

7. Including whatever this is.

9. Clearly owned by either Lisa Frank or a seapunk.

10. Beach Boys cover band material.

11. Fear and loathing and low gas mileage.

Fear and loathing and low gas mileage.

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12. Close encounters with a sweet van.

13. Big mean green machine.

14. Just click your heels 3 times, and thendrive yourself home like an adult with a bitchin’ van.

15. Come up with some dangerous animals, paint them on your van. Coolness made easy.


18. A babe on wheels, on wheels.

19. Do you really want to go through life never owning a vehicle with a wizard on it?

20. Didn’t think so.

21. In case you really what the nickname “Spider.”

22. And finally, the most badass van of them all:

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