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22 Things You Should Know About Josh Henderson Before The Dallas Premiere

1. He has heterochromia, which means his eyes are two different colors

Zack Morris loves him!

3. He was in one of the best pop groups ever, Scene 23

4. HE broke up with Ashlee Simpson!

5. He was an incredibly cute kid!

He even caught a touchdown pass from Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway!

BONUS: Here he is post-football game with Donald Faison and self proclaimed Josh lover Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

DOUBLE BONUS: It’s Johnny Drama!

7. He was often shirtless on Desperate Housewives

He was often shirtless on Desperate Housewives

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8. He goes home for the holidays to be with his family

10. He even helps out his mama!

11. He accepts twins for who they are and doesn’t discriminate against them

12. He has experience playing the role of a Super Hero

13. He isn’t afraid to be different*

*Yes, the boy next to him is “working it” but this sassiness is not enough to warrant differentiation as compared to our Joshy.

16. He was the original photobomber

17. No one else could possibly wear this garment this well

Bonus points if you can figure out what this shirt/dress is called?

19. He knows how to have a great time!

20. He gives little kids life changing advice

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