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23 People More Patriotic Than You

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1. These Second Life characters.


2. This glamorous gal.

This glamorous gal.

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3. These stripe-y brides.


4. These giant babies.


5. These painted patriots.

These painted patriots.

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6. These tattoo aficionados.


7. This lively pomeranian.

8. This spirited bichon frise.

This spirited bichon frise.

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9. And definitely this dog.

And definitely this dog.

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10. This classy tuxedo vest wearer.


11. These Zentai suit fans.


12. This well-matched pair.

This well-matched pair.

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13. And this happy set.

And this happy set.

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14. This American eagle businessman.

This American eagle businessman.

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15. This duct tape-tastic prom couple.

This duct tape-tastic prom couple.

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16. This guy.

17. This dedicated runner.

This dedicated runner.

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18. This professional … singer.

This professional ... singer.

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19. This girl.

20. The original American Gladiators.

The original American Gladiators.

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21. This thong wearer.


22. These karate busters.


23. And definitely this fetus.

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