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25 Awesome And Clever Uses For Duct Tape

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From its violent and bloody beginnings on the battlefield to its humorous uses of today, duct tape is one of mankind’s more interesting inventions. From taping together a dress or suit for prom to saving the lives of astronauts in space, these are 25 awesome and clever uses for duct tape.

25. Wallet For those of you who have trouble hanging on to money, the duct tape wallet will keep it stuck in your pocket.

24. iPhone Case and Dock Who needs expensive Apple hardware when you have lot of shiny metallic tape?

23. Refrigerator Shelves We’re not sure how or why all of your refrigerator shelves would break simultaneously, but if they do…duct tape.

22. Hammock Sometimes lazy people are the most creative.

21. Couch And you thought the hammock was crazy…

20. Necktie Or should we call it a necktape?

19. Flashlight headlights AKA, pimping your ride.

18. Fisherman’s sandals In case you’re not a fisherman though, there’s always…

17. Emergency flip flops Although in extreme emergencies we advice against fashioning flip flops out of duct tape…unless it’s the last thing on your bucketlist.

16. Fix a leaking boat To be honest, this is probably closer to what you want to be doing with your duct tape in an emergency.

15. Hair Removal Although there are probably better ways to remove hair from your chest, there is none as manly.

14. Removing warts It has something to do with skin cell replication and magical swarming T-cells but basically 6 days of duct tape followed by some water and voila – no more warts.

13. Prom Dress or Suit It’s cheap and you’ll objectively be the coolest kid at prom.

12. Cup It’s probably even microwaveable.

11. Cat hat This requires three things – a cat, some duct tape, and lots of boredom.

10. Computer casing There can be no greater display of geekery than this.

9. Saving windows during Hurricanes For the northerners (and Europeans) among you, that duct tape on those windows isn’t for decoration, it’s for protection because hurricanes and glass don’t mix well.

8. Homemade parachute To be honest, we’re not exactly sure how well this would work. But, if you ever happen to try, just let us know beforehand and we’ll get our black suits ready.

7. Fixing a car It’s definitely cheaper than the shop

6. Putting things on top of a car Who needs a luggage rack?

5. Picking up a car By now you should be catching the drift…there’s not much you can’t do with duct tape. Which brings us to…

4. Fixing ducts Undoubtedly, at some point in your life you will get in an argument with someone over whether it is “duct” tape or “duck” tape. Although today “duct” is the accepted spelling and “duck” is actually a brand, stick around for #1 and we’ll explain why “duck” is the real, original name. A number of years after it was invented for WW2 people started using it to fix ducts and its name then changed. Ironically, duct tape is actually really bad for fixing ducts and has even been made illegal in California for that purpose. So, no, unfortunately it can’t fix everything. But, back to things it can be used for…

3. Daycare It’s a controversial alternative.

2. Saving your life in space Yes, although it may be illegal to fix ducts in California with duct tape, ever since it saved the lives of the entire Apollo 13 crew it has been mandatory equipment on all space launches.

1. Keeping ammunition sealed during WWII As we mentioned, duct tape finds its roots in World War 2. It was invented primarily to keep soldier’s ammunition sealed and water free. They quickly realized, however, that it could be used for so much more and before long they were using it to fix everything from airplanes to firearms.

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