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25 Crazy Things People Have Made From Chocolate


After publishing a post about interesting chocolate facts, we have decided to dedicate another post to this sweet delicacy. Usually, we eat chocolate in the form of individual regular bars varying only in size or flavors. But as you will see, chocolate can also come in some, let us say, unusual shapes and sizes. From creepy chocolate babies to a chocolate skating rink, check out these 25 crazy and insane things that people have really made from chocolate.

25. Created for the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1, these choco-sneakers are a must-have for every chocolate fan.

24. Ladies´ version of shoes, filled with truffles, is also available.

23. This chocolate bed was created by an Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. It is a life-size replica of the famous Mies van der Rohe´s Barcelona couch.

22. Handymen will certainly appreciate this awesome chocolate tool kit…

21. …coming with no less cool chocolate parts.

20. These chocolate babies look incredibly real and elaborate. But can you imagine eating them? Very creepy, isn’t?

19. But not as creepy as these baby heads created from white chocolate by Annabel de Vetten, a cake artist from Frankfurt, Germany…

18. …or this super creepy melting chocolate baby.

17. Let us go back to something nice and amusing. Playing chocolate chess must be fun. If you keep loosing, just eat the chessmen.

16. This guitar looks too amazing to eat or play on.

15. Photographers will have no troubles identifying this chocolate item. It is a perfect replica of a Canon D60.

14. Created by a Scottish designer Lauren Smith, this chocolate dress would perfectly match the chocolate high-heel shoes.

13. But there have been more successful attempts to create chocolate dresses. This one was designed by German bakery group Lambertz in 2010.

12. There are also a few celebrities who have chocolate versions of themselves. Nigella Lawson, a famous English broadcaster, television personality, and food writer, is one of them.

11. Elton John also has a chocolate sculpture. Unveiled at Madame Tussauds in 2005, this life-sized model made from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk took a thousand hours to complete.

10. Even this 75 kg (165 pounds) sculpture of the King of Pop is made from chocolate. Created by a Spanish pastry cook Lluis Muixi, it was displayed in a pastry shop in Balague, Spain.

9. If you wonder what this thing is, let us confirm your worst fears – it really is a chocolate anus. Made from high-quality preservative-free Belgian chocolate, it is probably the most bizarre thing ever created from chocolate.

8. But there a few more things that can compete with the chocolate anus. For example this skull-headed pregnant chocolate woman…

7. …or this creepy clown. Obviously, not every chocolate is supposed to be for children.

6. Seriously, why do people tend to make such disturbing things from chocolate? Is there really anybody who wants to try what it is like to eat a human skull?

5. Every Star Wars fan should have this.

4. French chocolate sculptor Patrick Roger has created many sculptures including this macabre ape´s head.

3. Can´t see any chocolate in this picture? Well, the whole room is made from chocolate. Akropolis shopping mall in Vilnius, Lithuana, decided to surprise its shoppers on Valentine’s Day 2011 by offering them this unique visual treat made entirely of dark and white chocolate.

2. Still not enough chocolate? Then try skating in a chocolate rink. Yes, that’s right. Located in Canela, Brazil, this roller skate ring made purely from dark chocolate is particularly popular among kids.

1. 1. Those who like chocolate and cars will love this art piece – a life-size replica of a Toyota Camry made by piling layers of melted chocolate, cocoa and cocoa butter on the frame.

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