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25 Facts About The Legend Of Korra That You Should Definitely Know

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A sequel to the series Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra is an American animated television series that is set in a fictional universe where most people can manipulate the elements of water, earth, fire or air. Its lead character, Korra, is the successor of Aang from The Last Airbender and is portrayed as a strong woman who struggles against political and spiritual unrest in a contemporary world. The series has been a success since it was aired and has been praised by critics because of its high production values and depth. Here is a list of 25 things you should know about The Legend of Korra:

25. Making of The Legend of Korra required hundreds of artists from three different countries. On top of the artists at the Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, California, the production staff of The Legend of Korra had to collaborate with Studio Mir in South Korea to handle the designing of characters and backgrounds. The staff also worked with Technicolor Studio in India to handle the CG vehicle models used in the production.

24. Naga, Korra’s Polar bear-dog, was created ten years ago. The original The Legend of Korra series was initially developed in 2002. During the development, Bryan did a sketch of a bipedal polar bear-dog creature but the character never found a place in the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender. When the production staff came up with Korra’s character, there came a need for an animal character so it was modeled after Bryan’s sketch.

23. The Legend of Korra’s production staff modeled the next Avatar after Aang but they had a hard time finding the right name for her. The next Avatar was created in November 2009, but the staff could not find a name that everyone would agree upon. The name Korra was taken after the name of a dog named Cora.

22. Dee Bradley Baker is the dub artist behind several characters in The Legend of Korra. A true voice acting virtuoso, Dee Bradley does not only play Councilman Tarrlok in the Legend of Korra series, but he is also the voice behind many other characters including Naga, Pabu and Oogi. Furthermore, he also performed as Appa and Momo in the original Last Air Bender series.

21. Pro Bending was developed long before the production staff came up with Korra’s character. The production staff behind The Legend of Korra already had an idea for an Avatar story that had taken place before the Hundred Year War. After they had developed the 1920’s vibe of Republic City, an idea evolved into a Pro Bending spectacle that would be the most popular sport of the era.

20. Fire was the first element Korra learned to bend. The first element (besides water) that Korra learned was fire. Her knowledge in fire bending resulted in a series of fights between Tonraq and Senna, and it was from these fights that she started to show signs of both water and earth bending.

19. Her muscular frame used to be the biggest insecurity of Korra as a child. When Korra was a child, she was very insecure of herself because her body looked much like that of a man. She wanted to be thin and pretty like other girls. Her perception of herself only changed when she had a heart-to-heart talk with Katara, who said that the world needs strong women like her.

18. When Korra was still a little kid, she met with Sokka on different occasions. It was through Sokka that Korra learned several non bending traditional water tribe fighting styles. As a kid, she would always meet up with Sokka who would then teach her these fighting styles, particularly with his trusty boomerang.

17. Korra is a master in penguin sledding. This activity involves sledding down snow or ice covered surfaces on the back of otter penguins, which are native to the south.

16. Korra found Naga not as a dog but as a pup. Korra found Naga a pup. Even then, Naga was already as vicious and as terrifying as ever, but never to her master Korra.

15. The first and last encounter of Korra with cactus juice was with Bumi. Korra’s first and only encounter with cactus juice was with her friend Bumi. This encounter led to a series of events, such as her and Bumi’s going on a trip to the healer, getting a tattoo of a fire ferret on her thigh, getting a bitter aftertaste that unfortunately lasted for about a week, and receiving a two hour lecture from Tenzin.

14. Korra’s hatred over the Air Temple Island is very well connected with her love for meat. One of the many things that Korra hates about the Air Temple Island is that the air acolytes as well as the air bending family are all vegetarians. Unluckily, Korra just loves eating meat and hates eating vegetables.

13. Bolin used to be in love with Korra When Bolin meets Korra in the beginning of the series, he falls completely in love with her. Sadly (for him) the feeling was not mutual.

12. Korra found it hard to do air bending again after the first time she learned it. The first manifestation of Korra’s air bending occurred during her battle with Amon. Nevertheless, after Amon’s defeat, Korra struggled once more with air bending.

11. Korra did not have many friends when she was still living in the South Pole. Korra’s value for her friends in Republic City stems from the fact that she never had friends when she lived in the South Pole. As a child, she was kept isolated with her trainers and she was never allowed to mingle with other people.

10. The name “Noatak” refers to a city and a river located in Alaska. Amon, the mysterious yet charismatic leader of the anti-bender group Equalists, was born Noatak. His name was taken from a city and a river in Alaska.

9. The actor who played the role of Yue in The Last Airbender is also the voice of Asami Sato. In the movie The Last Airbender, the actress who played the role of Yue is the same person behind the voice of Asami Sato in The Legend of Korra. Her name is Seychelle Gabriel.

8. Animators of The Legend of Korra made a huge mistake in one of its episodes. One of the scenes in the series The Legend of Korra shows Toph Beifong of the Earth Kingdom Town of Gaoling having a total of six fingers. After a thorough review of the episode, it was found that it was a mistake made by the animators behind the series.

7. Republic City has three dominant gangs. The Triple Threats, the Red Monsoons, and the Agni Kai are three different gangs that can be seen within the bounds of Republic City. The Red Monsoons are composed solely of waterbenders, the Agni Kai of firebenders, and the Triple Threats have members that can bend fire, water, and earth.

6. Statues of benders from The Last Airbender can be seen in Republic City. While the statue of Aang in Republic City’s Memorial Island is famous, there are also other statues of benders from the previous series that can be found within the city. Zuko has his statue erected on the Central City Station, and Toph’s metal statue can be found in the Police Station.

5. Katara always appeared in the season finale of Avatar. Katara wasn’t always a star cast in all the Avatar series, but it is quite interesting that her character would always show up in the season finale of each show, including The Legend of Korra.

4. Korra’s love interest has a mysterious past. Mako, Korra’s love iterest, is an angsty yet mysteriously loner dude who has a dark past. His first meeting with Korra seemed to be a pretty bad start for the two of them. In the series The Legend of Korra, his character and Korra always seem to be annoyed by each other, but in reality, they respect and love each other.

3. Mako’s name is a tribute Mako, the stoic and controlled fire bender, owes his name to Iroh’s (Zuko’s uncle) voice actor (who’s name was…you guessed it, Mako).

2. Timeframe between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra The Legend of Korra is set 70 years after the Hundred Year War in The Last Airbender series.

1. Korra’s voice was inspired by two people In order to create a voice for Korra, voice actor Janet Varney was inspired by Jodi Foster and Christina Ricci.

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