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27 Items Every Die Hard "Game Of Thrones" Fan Should Own

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When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you buy.

1. Winterfell Soy Candle

Winterfell Soy Candle

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In case you want your house to smell like Winterfell (or, actually, probably a lot better than Winterfell). Buy here.

2. Game of Thrones Pencils

Game of Thrones Pencils

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Stick ‘em with the pointy end. Buy here.

3. Mother of Dragons Peg People

Mother of Dragons Peg People

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The cute version of Drogo, Daenerys and Jorah. Buy here.

4. Khaleesi-Inspired Necklaces

Khaleesi-Inspired Necklaces

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For the subtle fan. Buy here.

5. Ygritte-Inspired Tank

Ygritte-Inspired Tank

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Coz Jon Snow needs constant reminding of how little he knows. Buy here.

6. Embroidered Quote Wall Art

Embroidered Quote Wall Art

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Deep. Buy here.

7. Westeros Map Cushion

Westeros Map Cushion

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To keep track of where your fave characters are/cuddle when they die. Buy here.

8. Nail Decals

Nail Decals

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YAAAASSS. That is all. Buy here.

9. Dothraki His and Hers Keyrings

Dothraki His and Hers Keyrings

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For the Sun and Stars in your life. Buy here.

10. Tyrion Lannister Card

Tyrion Lannister Card

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For the person who wants to get under his clothes. Or something. Buy here.

11. Sigil Party Banner

Sigil Party Banner

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Get ready for your finale party now. Buy here.

12. Dragon Egg Necklace

Dragon Egg Necklace

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Oh, THERE are your dragons. Buy here.

13. Sigils Carved Crayon Set

Sigils Carved Crayon Set

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Very cool. But very expensive. Buy here.

14. Dragon Kit

Dragon Kit

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Paint your own dragon! Buy here.

15. Dragon Egg Pattern

Dragon Egg Pattern

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Knit your own dragon egg! Buy here.

16. Antler Necklace

Antler Necklace

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Team Baratheon. Buy here.

17. Game of Thrones Card

Game of Thrones Card

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It’s not hard, really. Buy here.

18. Winter is Coming Necklace

Winter is Coming Necklace

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In case you need the reminder. Buy here.

19. Iron Porcelain Throne

Iron Porcelain Throne

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OK you weirdo. Buy here.

20. Dragon Ear Wrap

Dragon Ear Wrap

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Fit for the Mother of Dragons. Buy here.

21. Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross Stitch Pattern

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Not your grandmother’s cross stitch. Buy here.

22. Game of Thrones Mobile

Game of Thrones Mobile

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Coz Game of Thrones is TOTALLY baby-appropriate. Um… Buy here.

23. Greeting Cards Pack

Greeting Cards Pack

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Give me shirtless Jon Snow and I’ll love you forever. Buy here.

24. Sansa-Inspired Necklace

Sansa-Inspired Necklace

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Perfect for a Little Dove. Buy here.

25. Adventure Time Meets Game of Thrones Tank

Adventure Time Meets Game of Thrones Tank

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Mathematical. Buy here.

26. Direwolves Tank

Direwolves Tank

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The real stars of the series. Buy here.

27. Hodor


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Hodor. Hodor.

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