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27 Reasons Adam Pally Would Literally Make The Best Friend Ever

1. First off, he’ll always accept the person you are; on the inside AND on the outside.

2. He loves to play matchmaker for you!

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3. He’s got his priorities in line!

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4. Every normal conversation has the potential to turn out like this.


5. He likes nice things and so do you, so there’s that.

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6. He cares enough to mask the stank he leaves behind, just for you.

7. His humor is incredibly literal, which can be refreshing sometimes.

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8. He would never mind it if you’re running late to meet him.

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9. He knows how to keep up with your weekend drinking habits. Or, your weekday drinking habits.


10. He’s always got your back. Or, at least admits when he doesn’t have your back. At all. Ever.

11. You both share the same thoughts on exercising.

12. He gives you all the confidence you need when you have a date!

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13. There’s literally never a dull moment with this one.

27 Reasons Adam Pally Would Literally Make The Best Friend Ever

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14. He knows how to make you feel comfortable on a dance floor.

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15. He drops everything to spend some time with you.

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16. You’ll never be short of a dining partner.

17. He’s spontaneous and encourages you to be the same way.

18. He never tries to upstage you during your moment. If anything he throws you a bone most of the time.

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19. He keeps you in check when you’re life gets a little crazy.

20. He’s very relatable and has a “no judgements” policy.

21. He’s not one of those people who pressures you into finding a life partner, which is such a relief.

22. His stories are descriptive and beautiful. You could listen to him talk all day long.

23. He always speaks up during tough situations.

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24. He’s always straight-forward about how fashionable you are.

25. You would never dream of lying to this man, he knows you too well.

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26. You’re comfortable sharing your thoughts with him.

27. Finally, you share the same sense of humor and that’s what’s really important.

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