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27 Reasons Floyd Mayweather Is The God Of Instagram


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1. No mortal being could rock a golden onesie.

And get away with it.

2. I’m pretty sure this is heaven.

It’s for real alright.

3. Nick Minaj’s arm tattoo says “Floyd Mayweather is a God”.

Not really, but probably.

4. To a god, this is chump change.

5. Well, to be fair, anyone could look like a god next to that hat.

And everything else.

6. Because every god has a proverb to live by.

7. Mere mortals next to Mayweather.

There is celebrity status… And then there is god status. Ask Yeezus.

8. Because I’m pretty sure those one of those cars costs more than any of us reading this article.


9. Every god needs a chiseled…personality.

10. Where else would you expect someone on god level to watch their morning cartoons?

Did you guess anything besides a jacuzzi? WRONG.

11. Horseback riding on the beach at sunset? YUP.


12. But gods get lonely too…

It’s not easy.

13. … Sometimes they are just stuck being alone… With themselves… On the cover of a bunch of magazines.

Ha! Bet you’re not even close to that level.

14. Only someone with #GodStatus could pull this outfit off.

15. Do you eat breakfast like this? Because gods do.

16. Do people tattoo your likeness on their skin?

17. For life?????

18. What kind of cake does a god ask for on his birthday? Take a look.

Too good-looking to eat.

19. Lil Wayne doesn’t even try when he’s in the presence of Floyd.

Peasant robe.

20. You’ll never have that many watches.


21. He has so much money that it keeps his money occupied.

22. Private helicopter? Check.

To come visit all you mortals.

23. Who do you sleep with? Four bottles of Cristal? Didn’t think so.

Nectar of the gods.

24. When your posse includes Snoop D-O-Double G…

25. The President of the United States…

26. And Texas tycoons…

27. It’s okay to sleep easy knowing…

That YOU. ARE. A. GOD.


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