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27 Things Tony Abbott Might Say To Barack Obama

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Australia’s Prime Minister is set to meet with the American President. Here’s how it could go down, according to Twitter. 1. Adam Bandt @AdamBandt

I just flew over the sea and it didn't seem any higher to me #WhatAbbottwillsaytoObama

2. #BUSTtheBUDGET @johndory49

#WhatAbbottWillSayToObama: “Sorry, we are late, Labor's Debt and Deficit Disaster was terrible”. #auspol

5. humanity not vanity @DaverRaver

Thank you for the drink, here's my coat, when will the president be here? #whatAbbottwillsaytoObama

6. me and my two cents @mytwocentsandme

Hey, you're a liberal right, so why are you so left-wing? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

7. Heather Croxon @heather_c3

So, you can pump iron. But do you look good in budgie smugglers? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

8. Count Andrew @a66burga


12. Zac Spitzer @zackster

My country is very progressive, we have women with binders on a woman#WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

16. Luke Pearson @LukeLPearson

Can you introduce me to George W.? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

17. Jay Dohnt @JayDohnt

'Whats the latest on the baddies'? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

18. Serf Life Saver @OccupiedOutback

#WhatAbbottWillSayToObama … Would you like one of my suppositories of wisdom?

19. Lady of the Cavalier @ruth_parslow

Do you want my advice on how you should deal with boat people? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

20. Tom Allen @UrbanLorax

“Mr President, I'm a huge admirer of your predecessor” #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama #AusPol

21. Canberra Memes @CanberraMemes

Whitehouse? I can has another skolarship? #WhatAbbottwillsaytoObama

23. Random @HalloranElder

Got any blokes questions? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

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