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27 Things Tony Abbott Might Say To Barack Obama


Australia’s Prime Minister is set to meet with the American President. Here’s how it could go down, according to Twitter. 1. Adam Bandt @AdamBandt

I just flew over the sea and it didn't seem any higher to me #WhatAbbottwillsaytoObama

2. #BUSTtheBUDGET @johndory49

#WhatAbbottWillSayToObama: “Sorry, we are late, Labor's Debt and Deficit Disaster was terrible”. #auspol

5. humanity not vanity @DaverRaver

Thank you for the drink, here's my coat, when will the president be here? #whatAbbottwillsaytoObama

6. me and my two cents @mytwocentsandme

Hey, you're a liberal right, so why are you so left-wing? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

7. Heather Croxon @heather_c3

So, you can pump iron. But do you look good in budgie smugglers? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

8. Count Andrew @a66burga


12. Zac Spitzer @zackster

My country is very progressive, we have women with binders on a woman#WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

16. Luke Pearson @LukeLPearson

Can you introduce me to George W.? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

17. Jay Dohnt @JayDohnt

'Whats the latest on the baddies'? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

18. Serf Life Saver @OccupiedOutback

#WhatAbbottWillSayToObama … Would you like one of my suppositories of wisdom?

19. Lady of the Cavalier @ruth_parslow

Do you want my advice on how you should deal with boat people? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

20. Tom Allen @UrbanLorax

“Mr President, I'm a huge admirer of your predecessor” #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama #AusPol

21. Canberra Memes @CanberraMemes

Whitehouse? I can has another skolarship? #WhatAbbottwillsaytoObama

23. Random @HalloranElder

Got any blokes questions? #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama

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