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32 Things You’ll Totally Need When You Go Camping

1. Sleeping Bag Onesie

You can scream from the mountains, “IT’S LIKE I’M WEARING NOTHING AT ALL!” Get it here.

2. The BioLight Camp Stove/Charger

It acts as a stove AND a charger for your electronic things. Get it here for $129.95.

3. A Water Trampoline

Get one here.

4. The Pocket Shower

This thing provides eight whole minutes of cleansing. The waterproof fabric attracts heat so your shower will at least be lukewarm. Buy it here for $25.

5. A Hanging Cupboard

It’s $64.99 from Cabelas.

6. A Scrubba Portable Washing Machine

The bag contains little nodules that will wash your clothes in minutes. Get it here for $64.95.

7. The Netted Cocoon Hammock

For when you need a little privacy. Get it here for $99.95.

8. A Double Sleeping Bag

This is where the magic happens. Cabelas has many options in the $170–$200 range.

9. Mouthwatering Tent

So many Instagram-worthy photos to be had with one of these. Ranges $600–$700 from Field Candy.

10. Fire Crystals

Change the colors of your campfire. Get them here.

11. An Inflatable Tent

For the lazy camper, this tent requires no stakes or poles or rope to deal with. Get it here.

12. Trunk Kitchen/Bar

Perfect for car camping or tailgating parties. Get it here.

13. The Off-Road Commode.

Poop hack! Go to the bathroom anywhere. You can also buy a handy tree adapter. Get it here.

14. Ginormous Camping Chair

Who’s the King of Camping? YOU ARE, that’s who. Get it here.

15. A Solar Fire Starter

OK, back to practical things. Get it here for $12.99.

16. Solar-Powered Water Bottle Cap Light

Ensures you have emergency light without taking up precious space. Get it here for $19.99.

17. Deluxe Swiss Army Knife

It’s like 800 things in one. Includes a handy fish scaler. Get it here.

18. Waterproof Solar Lamp

Only needs four to five hours of time in the sun for a full charge, which gives you around 16 hours of reading light. Get it here.

19. Hand-Crank Blender

Sipping margaritas in the woods = SURVIVAL. Get it here.

20. Portable Kitchen that Folds Up in a Suitcase

Get it here.

21. Bed Tent

You’re not a diva, you just need your own private blogging bungalow. Available for $125 from Amazon.

22. Pet Tent

Get this precious ferret tent here.

23. Cast Iron Waffle Maker

You’ve gotta prioritize your Highly Specialized Cooking Utensils. Get one here.

24. Quesadilla Grilling Basket

Get it here.

25. Portable Sink

There’s always a high maintenance one in the group. Get it here.

26. Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball Set

They work as little portable lights as well. Get ‘em here.

27. Trailer Hitch Camping Chairs

$279.97 from Wayfair.

28. Stackable Eating Set

For some reason, this set is sassily called the Bugaboo. Get it here.

29. A Flashlight That Lights the Way Ahead and the Path at Your Feet

Buy it here for $20.

30. Glow-in-the-Dark Tape

Use it as a trail marker or wrap it around tent stakes so no one trips over them.

31. Propane Coffeemaker

Because nature doesn’t tolerate irritable campers. $79.99 from Amazon.

32. Propane “Party Hub” Grill

Includes a cutting board for all your chopping and dicing needs. Now your life is complete. Get it here.

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