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35 Cute And Clever Ideas For Place Cards

1. Instagram Place Cards

Your guests probably won’t appreciate it if you use photos from that trip you took to New Orleans junior year. Directions here.

2. Prize Ribbon Place Cards

This could also work as an escort card (the difference is that a place card marks your seat at a table, while an escort card shows you which table to sit at; most of these ideas are totally interchangeable). Directions here.

3. Simple Twine Place Setting

By Sweet Paul (sorry if you spend the rest of your day looking at all his stuff now).

5. Printable Watercolor Place Cards

Download the free template here.

6. Succulent Place Cards

This does double duty, since it’d be an awesome favor for your guests to take home.

7. Lemon Boat Place Cards

This is everything I’ve ever wanted my life to be. Find it here, in French (of course).

8. Cork-Turkey Place Cards

Perfect for Thanksgiving, or for a turkey-themed wedding, which sounds like the best wedding. Directions here.

9. Coffee Filter Place Cards

Who knew something so functional could look so cute? Directions here.

10. Wine Glass Terrarium Place Card

Take notes from this couple’s beautifully rustic and detailed wedding.

11. Pinwheel Place Cards

Directions here.


Very important. Directions here.

13. Straw Flag Place Cards

Directions here.

14. Chalkboard Place Cards

Directions here.

15. Origami Flower Place Cards

Directions here.

16. Artichoke Place Cards

Apparently this is a thing.

17. Spool of Thread Place Cards

Spool of Thread Place Cards

View this image ›

Directions here.

18. Rustic Lightbulb Escort Cards

Directions here.

19. Leaf Escort Cards

20. Macaron Place Cards

21. Mussel Place Cards

22. Faux Sno-Cone Place Cards

Directions here.

23. Barbecue Sauce Escort Cards

Directions here.

24. Crystal Place Card Holders

To delight the nine-year-old rock collector in you.

25. Pancake Place Cards

Perfect for a brunch wedding or party.

26. Geometric Place Card Holders

Directions here.

27. Neon-Dipped Pine Cone Place Card Holder

Directions here.

28. Colorful Feather Escort Cards

By Bash, Please.

29. Typewriter Key Place Cards

30. Scrabble Place Cards

31. Hammered Spoon Place Cards

Directions here.

32. Glitter Animal Place Card Holder

Spray-paint or Mod Podge small plastic figurines (and they’ll keep kids entertained while you eat).

33. Love Struck Place Cards

Directions here.

34. Dip Dyed Place Card Holders

Directions here.

35. Dr. Seuss Escort Cards

Oh, the places you’ll go.

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