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7 Reasons To Marry A Liberal Arts Girl, Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt

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Sorry, ladies, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is officially off the market. People Magazine confirmed the actor married girlfriend Tasha McCauley on December 20, 2014.

Gordon-Levitt has been relatively silent regarding his relationship with McCauley all along, protecting them both from press frenzy. So, it makes sense that they married quietly, as well.

However, the lack of details from the couple hasn’t stopped anyone from finding out as much as possible about McCauley. A quick Google search shows that she is the cofounder and CEO of Fellow Robots, a California-based robotics company.

She also seems really cool and is quoted saying things like, “I’m skeptical because I love pushing limits in order to understand how things really work. And, I’m optimistic because so far in my life, the unknown has revealed many wonderful possibilities.”

To me, the most fascinating thing about McCauley is that she and I share the same alma mater, Bard College.

McCauley is a 2004 Bard College graduate, and a quick peek into the school’s senior project database reveals that she wrote her senior thesis about Argentine writer Rodolfo Walsh. It was submitted to the college’s department of languages and literature (not to mention, it was written in Spanish).

As someone who attended Bard and graduated a few years after McCauley, I feel a kinship with JGL’s new bride, as well as a respect for the actor for marrying someone so down to earth and worldly.

Despite the fact that she avoids the Hollywood spotlight, we are still able to get a pretty clear picture of who she is as a person. It’s obvious that McCauley epitomizes the ideals of a liberal arts education and is the quintessential “Bard Girl.”

So, guys, here’s why you should pull a JGL in 2015 and settle down with a liberal arts lady:

1. We’re as open as they come

Spending four years at a super liberal school will open anyone’s eyes, and by the time we graduate, we feel like we’ve seen it all. We’re used to the unusual and out-of-the-ordinary, and furthermore, we embrace it.

If you have a crazy idea or ambition, we’ll encourage you to go for it, and we’ll listen. We know the importance of hearing all sides to a story and we entertain even the most outlandish of ideas.

2. Time management is our game

Schools like Bard are notorious for their rigorous coursework. We know how to balance our social lives with challenging academic schedules. We can put in solid library time, and still have energy left over for Saturday night’s party.

This skill is essential in the post-collegiate world, and it makes for a great quality in a partner.

3. We can throw a mean theme party

With small schools, especially one that’s a train ride away from NYC, nightlife creativity is key. Bard doesn’t have Greek life and there are virtually no celebrations tied to athletics, so it’s not your average university scene.

Clubs are often strapped with the responsibility of party organization, and the number one goal is to be as unique as possible. Cavemen and space creatures? Dress as your favorite decade? A faux wedding? Been there, done that. When it comes to theme parties, we’re aces.

4. We can kick back Popov and discuss Gertrude Stein like it’s our job

We liberal arts ladies are well-equipped to drink and dish, and we’ll challenge you in both areas. We spent four years in classes at those wooden round tables, engaging in debates with our worldly professors. We’ve been pushed to our limits, both intellectually and physically.

Conversation with us will never be boring, and we also know how to throw down and party. Is there a better combination than that?

5. Spontaneity is essential to our lives

It’s next to impossible to survive at a small liberal arts college without a dose of spontaneity. Impromptu dance party? Unplanned trip to the city? Unexpected game of capture the flag with swords on the quad? Count us in!

At a small campus with an equally minuscule student body, we need to stay on our toes and keep our lives exciting. It would be easy to get into a routine of breakfast, class and studying. It was up to us to create our own excitement a lot of the time, and we refused to let those opportunities pass us by.

6. Our baggage makes us stronger

Real talk: It’s hard to escape those four years without some kind of relationship war story. This is true for all college experiences, but at a small school, it’s harder to hide from someone you wish to never see again.

That person will show up literally everywhere, and the odds of running into him at the salad bar in the dining hall are pretty high. Whether it’s a torrid love affair gone wrong or an explosive friendship that fizzled and died, we all have emotional scars left by someone from college.

As post-grads, we can look back with hindsight and reflect with a different eye. We learned that whatever heartbreak we endured better prepares us for the real thing.

7. We are creative and we love to surprise

In short, you will never be bored with us. We will blow your mind, not all the time, but often enough to keep things interesting.

We are adept at coming up with the smallest of ways to show our affection and love, and we are creative in doing so. We will go out of our way to show someone that he or she is important, and we know that the smallest of gestures can have the greatest meanings.

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