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9 Children Killed Themselves As a Result of Cyber Bullying

, , ,, on the surface, is a normal social media site. However, in the past year, 9 different teens have committed suicide because of verbal abuse they faced on their pages. These are their stories. They faced bullying so severe, they were driven to kill themselves before even reaching high school.

There are simply too many ways for children to be bullied in this modern age.

1.) 09/29/2012: Ciara Pugsley, 15 years old. Users on called her an “ugly slut” and then she was found after she committed suicide in the woods.

2.) 10/27/2012: Erin Gallagher, 13 years old. Erin warned anonymous bullies on her page that she would take her own life, but the harassment about things like her weight and how she looked didn’t stop.

3.) 12/11/2012: Jessica Laney, 16 years old. She hanged herself after being bullied about her weight on After her death a petition was started demanding be taken down, that in the first few days after her death reached over 3,000 signatures.

4.) 12/12/2012: Erin’s sister Shannon Gallagher, 15 years old. Shannon committed suicide. Both girls attended the same school at the center of Erin’s bullying. According to local reports, Shannon missed her sister. She did not leave a note.

5.) 01/2013: Anthony Stubbs, 16 years old. Anthony, from Lancashire, U.K., was found hanged in the woods near his home. He had been missing since Christmas. He recently had a daughter named Lily with his 18-year-old girlfriend, Charlotte Mason.

6.) 04/2013: Joshua Unsworth, 15 years old. Joshua Unsworth’s body was discovered in the garden of his family’s farmhouse in the Lancashire area of England last winter. He allegedly was bullied for months leading up to his suicide.

7.) 07/2013: Daniel Perry, 17 years old. Daniel jumped to his death from a local bridge. Daniel was harassed often on his page.

8.) 08/02/2013: Hannah Smith, 14 years old. She was found, hanged, by her sister. Hannah would routinely fight with anonymous bullies on, at one point admitting that she had previously attempted to commit suicide in the past.

9.) 09/10/2013: Rebecca Sedwick, 12 years old. Her body was found in an abandoned cement silo.

If you see bullying, say something. This can’t go on. Please hit the Share button below to spread awareness about this terrible tragedy.

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