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After Hearing This Woman’s Harrowing Story, You’ll Want the App that Saved Her Life

Last week, after 18 agonizing hours trapped in her car at the bottom of a ravine, 28-year old Melissa Vasquez was rescued…because of an app and a brilliant police officer.

Vasquez lost control of her car in San Jose, California, driving off the road into a 500 foot ravine, which was so far down that her OnStar GPS system couldn’t locate her.

The day of Vasquez’ accident, the OnStar system in her car alerted police officers to an accident in San Jose — but after searching for two hours while OnStar honked the horn, first responders couldn’t locate her. Later that day, an OnStar signal indicated that her car was in downtown San Jose—though of course, they didn’t find her car there, either.

When she didn’t come home that night, her family called to report her missing, and the responding officer, Dave Cameron had a bright idea: Find My iPhone, an app from Apple that allows users to track the location of their other devices.

Via: CBS San Francisco

Officer Cameron, who is by his own admission ”kind of a tech geek,” amazingly guessed the passcode to her iPad in just a few tries. He then used the Find My iPhone app on the iPad to locate Vasquez’s phone. After pinpointing her location, he sent a screenshot to the San Jose Police Department, who were able to locate Vasquez just 20 minutes later.

The next morning, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter responded and transported her to a hospital, where she remains in stable condition.

I don’t know about you, but I immediately made sure I knew how to use Find My iPhone.

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One response to “After Hearing This Woman’s Harrowing Story, You’ll Want the App that Saved Her Life”

  1. alana says:

    Well, lucky her that she apparently didn’t care enough about her data to have the name of her pet or something similar as her password. Ignorance saved her life. Had she been as tech-savvy as the officer she’d probably be dead.