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Al Roker reveals White House bathroom mishap, extols post-weight loss sex!/alroker/status/288067084531953665

Watching #dateline and learning way too much about Al Roker. “I pooped in my pants.”

— Rachelle Young (@youngrq) January 7, 2013

Just turned on Dateline to learn about the time Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House. His words, not mine.

— The Real Matt Hunter (@BigAristotle503) January 7, 2013

Al Roker pooping his pants was information that I just did not need in my life. #dateline

— Stephanie✿ (@LittlePunkyPie) January 7, 2013

NBC weatherman Al Roker appeared on Dateline NBC to talk about his weight struggles. He plunged eagerly into too-much-information territory with an intimate anecdote about a White House bathroom mishap.

Anything for ratings … and Twitter buzz:

Twitter gold. “@prettyannoyed: Turned on TV. Al Roker on Dateline talking about pooping his pants after gastric bypass. Turned off TV.”

— Susan Miskelly (@susanmiskelly) January 7, 2013

omg, i didn’t need to know that al roker sharted at the white house. gross. #dateline

— bfrielg (@bfrielg) January 7, 2013

Al Roker just said he pooped his pants. Thanks Al. Please don’t forget to bring a backup pair of undies on your next White House visit.

— Joel Hrubesch (@oltwoshirts) January 7, 2013

Text from my wife just now: “Omg after gastric bypass Al [Roker] ate the wrong thing and pooped his pants in the White House”

— Alex Moschina (@AlexMoschina) January 7, 2013

Hearing a very serious Al Roker say “I pooped my pants” on national TV makes me like him a whole lot more.

— Marie Zambardi (@MarieZam) January 7, 2013

Wait, he wasn’t done.

Al Roker’s talking sadly about sh!tting his pants at the White House following surgery but happily about his new sex life. Where is the FCC?

— CASH (@AdamLaidig) January 7, 2013

al roker’s sex life is literally the last thing anyone wants to hear about but for some reason that’s what they’re talking about on dateline

— hannah grace (@hannerbananer92) January 7, 2013

Al Roker talking about better sex and shitting his pants on tv!! Good for you! Rock it former fat boy!!

— Nicole(@SassyPntsPatron) January 7, 2013

al roker talking about his own sex appeal on dateline tonight is not to be missed.

— caroline (@socarolinesays) January 7, 2013

Things we never wish we would ever have to contemplate … mind bleach, stat!

I can only imagine the thoughts of the White House employee who found Al Roker’s poopy underwear in the bathroom. #dateline

— Kar (@nowak_TIU) January 7, 2013

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