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Amazing Moment Veteran Gets Out Of Wheelchair For First Wedding Dance

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Linnea LizLinnea Liz

Linnea Liz

On his wedding day, Sgt. Joey Johnson gave something unforgettable to his new wife, Michelle.

Johnson gave his bride a first dance.

The 27-year-old Fishers, Indiana man has been confined to his wheelchair since a motorcycle accident took his mobility in 2012.

He’d picked up the hobby to help cope with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving 10 months in Afghanistan.

After the accident, he was left unable to feel any sensation below his chest.

With the help of dedicated groomsmen, Johnson climbed into a specially made harness over the reception hall’s dance floor on his June 28 wedding day.

It suspended him, enabling the groom to enjoy a real first dance with bride Michelle Johnson.

She emerged from the bridal suite to see him “standing” in the middle of the dance floor.

Michelle, a wedding planner by trade, told ABC,

I kind of knew something was going on, but I really never knew what was to come…He made my dreams come true and I never knew how special our day would really be.

Everyone was crying in the room. It was so amazing to be eye to eye with him again and such a dream come true.

Johnson gifted his wife a little magic for their wedding.


The newlyweds, who met soon after Johnson returned from his tour of duty, shared both a June 29 birthday and a last name.


They figured it was a sign; Joey’s parents also share a birthday.


Johnson proposed to Michelle in 2013, after about nine months of dating.


In July, the Johnsons bought their first home together.


They’re enjoying marriage to its fullest.


Michelle told ABC she loves Johnson for his kindness and dedication to those in his life.

She said, “Our family and I have been through so much, but we all know that Joey is still the same person, funny and loving guy he was before.”


“He had to learn a different way of life with him and his chair: from showering, getting dressed and trying to function every day. But we are soul mates.”


These newlyweds have a strong foundation on which to build.


Just watch them dance.

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