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‘Any takers?’ Obama late for presser; Citizens try to guess how long the delay will be


President Obama’s press conference is already past its scheduled 2 p.m. start.

Tweeters are trying to figure out exactly how late the presser will start this time:!/natewilldo/status/414110263646760960!/LeftyBollocks/status/414110075263787008!/michaelroston/status/414109610820136960

The 3 certainties of life:
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Obama's late for a press conference— Nathan (@NATHANINSOCAL) December 20, 2013

#2013TaughtMe Obama's always late.
By how much this time? Tick-tock
Any takers?— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin (@HarrietBaldwin) December 20, 2013!/meandmorningjoe/status/414108304722628608

The answer depends on which of these impulses is strongest:!/IBD_ECarson/status/414107596820598784



The president walked out for his 2 p.m. press conference at 2:19 p.m.

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