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At Least 55 People Dead After Horrific Collision Of A Ferry And A Cargo Ship In The Philippines

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2. A ferry carrying 715 passengers and 116 crew members sank after it collided with a cargo ship in the Cebu province of Philippines on Friday, August 16. The death toll hit 55 today, while 65 people remain missing.

CNN reported:

The St. Thomas Aquinas was coming from nearby Butuan City when the collision occurred. The cargo ship, the Sulpicio, which had about 20 people aboard, was leaving Cebu for Davao, a region on the island of Mindanao.
The passenger ferry sank, but not before sending out a distress call heard by Coast Guard officials.

The cargo vessel involved in the crash — along with navy, Coast Guard and commercial vessels — helped in the rescue efforts.

Around 58 babies were believed to be on board, but it is unclear how many survived.

Oil slick from the ferry has spread to about 20 percent of the coast.

“We have no livelihood now because no one will buy the fish we haul, with a lot of bodies still in the water and oil in the sea,” Ernesto Cabiso, 49, a Cordova fisherman, told Reuters.


Survivors of the ferry disaster weep as they look for their missing relatives from lists of survivors.

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Philippine Navy personnel lift a victim from the sea during rescue operations.


Coastguard rescuers ride a rubber boat past the damaged bow of the Sulpicio Express 7 cargo vessel, which collided with the ferry on Friday in Talisay, Cebu in central Philippines.

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A slipper is seen among debris on the oil slick-affected coast in Cordova, Cebu. Cebu, famous among divers around the world for its clear waters and coral reefs, declared a state of calamity on Monday as an oil slick from the ferry spread to about 20 percent of the coast.

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Philippine forensic investigators take fingerprints from a body believed to be that of a ferry passenger on August 18, 2013 two days after the ferry collided with a freighter.

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Two men show photos of their missing family who were passengers of the sunken ferry, at the company’s office in Cebu City.

Philippine rescuers struggled in rough seas August 18, as they resumed a bleak search for people missing in the country’s latest ferry disaster, but insisted miracle survivor stories were possible.

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Life rafts from the sunken ferry St. Thomas Aquinas float in front of the cargo ship whose bow was destroyed after a colliding with the ferry.

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A medic carries rescued three-month old Trisia Mae Kumaro along with her mother (back) after they were rescued from the collision.


A fisherman smokes a cigarette as he assists in searching for victims of Friday’s ferry disaster during rescue operations.

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