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Boyfriend Has Hundreds Of Strangers Wish His GF Happy Birthday (Video)

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Filmmaker Mario Garza believed his girlfriend, Sarah, deserved the most joyful birthday of her life. So did the city of Portland, Oregon.

The couple moved to town less than a year ago and didn’t know many people yet.

So, when Sarah’s November 6 birthday began drawing near, Garza took an unconventional approach to a birthday party.

Garza stood in downtown Portland with a sign reading,

Say ‘HAPPY BDAY SARAH’ To the Camera.

Dozens of locals and tourists stopped to send Sarah birthday wishes on her special day.

Even though Garza’s video was sweet enough, he also created a Tumblr blog dedicated to his girlfriend.

Over 500 social media users around the world submitted their own videos and messages to Garza, sending Sarah love in many languages.

He told BuzzFeed she was absolutely astonished.

Happy Birthday, Sarah. Garza loves you.

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