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Boy’s Stepdad Makes Him The Best Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ever

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Being a real parent means more than simply sharing genetics with your child. It’s about the love that motivates you to give him or her the best possible quality of life.

Redditor Viper20220k is a true father to his stepson suffering from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. The nonverbal 6-year-old’s wheelchair prevents him from fitting into traditional children’s Halloween costumes.

Instead of getting discouraged, Viper20220k and his wife spend up to 30 hours each year designing a customized get-up for their child.

This year, the little boy played army in an enormous tank costume made from duct tape, spray paint and cardboard. The tank even billows smoke, courtesy of strategically placed dry ice.

In the past, he’s been a pirate ship and even a firetruck. Although he can’t speak, the boy does laugh and smile.

His parents use his reactions to give them an indication of the books and movies he likes. They build his costume off that year’s favorite characters.

Viper20220k says his son loves socializing and getting to show off a little bit. Halloween is the perfect time for him to be the star.

This year’s costume is an impressively large army tank.


Last year, the little boy and his wheelchair became a heroic firefighter and his truck.


He even had the helmet to match.


Two years ago, the little boy trick-or-treated as a dashing pirate.


H/T: Bored Panda, Photos Courtesy: Reddit

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