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Brazilian Woman Makes A Shocking Discovery About Her Parents. And Husband.

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Many people are close with their spouse–I mean, they did get married for a reason–but this couple is even closer than they realized. They’re actually close than they ever would want to be.

Leandro and Adriana have been together for almost a decade. However, their marriage became rocky when Adriana reunited with her birth mother on a Brazilian radio show. The pair discovered that, in addition to being man and wife, they are actually brother and sister.

When Adriana found out that she was married to her brother, she broke into tears. Leandro and her didn’t just have a life together, but a six-year-old daughter as well. While some would probably be worried about how publicly finding out that you’re married to a blood relative might make people think of them, Adriana’s greatest concern was that her husband wouldn’t love her anymore.

That definitely wasn’t the case. Despite what they’ve learned, Leandro and Adriana plan to stay together forever–though they admit things never would have gotten where they are if they had known they were brother and sister.

(via Daily Mail)

True love lasts forever… no matter what the circumstances. I don’t know if I should be inspired or creeped out. Share this post using the buttons below.

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