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Can You Guess The Karaoke Song?

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Humming is hard.

Karaoke is hard. Even this sweet little girl agrees.

So we asked a bunch of randos on the street to *hum* a go-to karaoke song for your quizular enjoyment.

So be nice. Ok, GO!

1. This guy didn’t do much humming, but he got really into it:

  1. What song is this?
    1. ✓ “Superfreak”
    2. ✓ “Like a Virgin”
    3. ✓ “Billie Jean”
    4. ✓ “This is How We Do It”

    ✓ X “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

    *BOOM* now you’re singing “Billie Jean.” You’re welcome.

    Rick Stewart / Getty Images

2. This lady hummed practically the entire song.

(But we cut it down to make sure it’s really hard.)

  1. What song is she singing?
    1. ✓ “The Thong Song”
    2. ✓ “Party in the USA”
    3. ✓ “No Scrubs”
    4. ✓ “Killing Me Softly”

    ✓ X “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack (or the Fugees, depending on when you were born)

    Both versions of this song are total jams. Try either one out *one time* at your fine neighborhood karaoke establishment!

3. This one’s a classic:

  1. Who sings this song?
    1. ✓ Tina Turner
    2. ✓ Gloria Gaynor
    3. ✓ Aretha Franklin
    4. ✓ Lana Del Rey

    ✓ X Gloria Gaynor

    This woman is humming “I Will Survive” and giving it her all, which is really what you have to do with such an amazing song.

    Rex Features / Via

4. This girl basically deserves a record deal:

  1. Who sings this song?
    1. ✓ Elton John
    2. ✓ Billy Joel
    3. ✓ Neil Diamond
    4. ✓ Rod Stewart

    ✓ X Elton John

    Elton John was the first guy to sing “Hold Me Closer Tony Danza” (which some wicked people refer to by it’s biblical name “Tiny Dancer”)

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

5. So this one is getting a little harder…

  1. What song is this?
    1. ✓ “I’m Out”
    2. ✓ “Umbrella”
    3. ✓ “Dip it Low”
    4. ✓ “Single Ladies”

    ✓ X “Umbrella”

    You may recognize this jam from the time in your life where any time it rained you were tempted to say “ella ella eh eh.”

6. This guy’s future in music is so bright he has to wear shades:

  1. What song is he totally murdering?
    1. ✓ “Piano Man”
    2. ✓ “Maggie May”
    3. ✓ “American Pie”
    4. ✓ “Sweet Caroline”

    ✓ X “Sweet Caroline”

    This guy is actually doing a pretty good impression of what it sounds like to be at a Red Sox game, tbh. Neil Diamond would be proud!

    Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

7. This guy asked the DJ to dim the lights and said his song was going out to a very special someone:

  1. What slowjam is he singing?
    1. ✓ “The Power of Love”
    2. ✓ “I Will Always Love You”
    3. ✓ “Hero”
    4. ✓ “How Do I Live”

    ✓ X “I Will Always Love You”

    Leave room for the holy ghost: Whitney is on and it’s time to have some feelings.

    Warner Bros. / Via

8. All she needs is a synthesizer:

  1. Who sings this song?
    1. ✓ Duran Duran
    2. ✓ A-Ha
    3. ✓ Tears For Fears
    4. ✓ A Flock of Seagulls

    ✓ X A-Ha

    It is said that if you wish on the bangs of an 80’s star, a synthesizer will appear before you. On this synthesizer will be the Chords of Truth that A-Ha played in “Take on Me” and all who choose this song at karaoke will be protected by angels until the really high parts.


9. And now, please take a deep breath and put your hands together for this guy:

  1. What is this song?
    1. ✓ “Iris”
    2. ✓ “I’ve Been Here Before”
    3. ✓ “Say My Name”
    4. ✓ This is a song the man improvised on the spot, a deeply personal ballad of love lost sung in a minimalist style.

    ✓ X “Say My Name”

    That’s right, folks, this is Bey before the hive: Destiny’s Child in all their glory. If you got this question right, please locate a vaguely racist midriff-bearing costume and burn it to honor the 90s in all their glory.


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