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Charles Barkley Is The World’s Best Crisis Management Specialist

Last night, CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb said something very dumb. He said, “I’m just here to bring diversity to this set, give kind of the white man’s perspective,” which is just a tremendously dumb thing to say on live television in front of four black men. It was very dumb. But, dumb as it was, Gottlieb’s colleague Charles Barkley forgives, and he thinks you should too. Here’s what Barkley said later.

Quote via the AP.

This is classic public relations brand-protection outside-the-box crisis management. Don’t try to make excuses for the mistake, or get wrapped up in rehashing its unsavory details. Do minimize its importance while defending the basic integrity of your client (Doug Gottlieb) and taking the attack to another front (lame Twitter losers who have no life). (That’s a funny diss for Barkley to go with, by the way, because his mouth is basically a human Twitter stream. It’s not like he’s known for the careful research and deliberation he puts into his statements.)

Next time YOU say something stupid, consider getting Chuck on your side.

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