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Charlie From The Original ‘Willy Wonka’ Is Actually A Veterinarian Now

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Oprah’s “Where Are They Now” series continues to chug along, and this time it caught up with Peter Ostrum.

Ostrum is the man who played Charlie Bucket in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.”

That was more than 40 years ago, and a lot has changed in Ostrum’s life since then. First of all, “Willy Wonka” was the only film Ostrum ever appeared in. After the movie, he left show business and never returned.

Ostrum went on to become a large animal veterinarian and even has children of his own.

He seems like a genuinely good guy, which is a rarity when talking about adults who were once child stars.

Check out what he had to say up top.

H/T: Huffington Post

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