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Chinese Grads Share College Regrets in Photo Meme

On (China’s answer to Facebook and LinkedIn), moderators urged seniors and recent grads to share their biggest college regrets. The photo project offers a fun peek into campus life in China, as well as an offhand view of Chinese dorm living (many of them stack 6 bunks to a room).

Below are translations of the things these grads regret.

1. “I’ve had a crush on him since freshman year. Four years later, I still didn’t have the courage to tell him. Such regret!”

2. “Failed to become a female assassin.”

3. “Never been in a fight.”

4. “Didn’t find my one true bromance.”

His roommate on the side: “I thought we were bros, bro.”

5. “Never had a relationship in college.”

6. “1. Never won any scholarship. 2. Never traveled by myself. 3. Never got to see Mayday in concert.”

7. “Biggest college regrets: 1. Did not sleep with this cat!!! 2. Didn’t achieve 1600+ LOL Rank.”

8. “Never spent a night with my goddess. Been recovering my bball skills the whole time. Stayed the same weight. How regretful should I be?”

9. “I regret missing our spring formal dance. MaoMao, you’re always a goddess in my heart.”

10. “Didn’t marry. Didn’t have kids.”

11. “Parted ways with ‘Mr. G’ before the last semester. Whatever happens, I hope he finds happiness.”

12. “Didn’t realize how much he loved me til he left.”

13. “<3 becoming a geek girl. < / 3 missing out on things because I became a geek girl.”

14. “I regret not staying with her in Beijing.”

15. “Never beat De-peng in DOTA.”

16. “Never won any money in poker.”

"Never won any money in poker."

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17. “Met you two years too late.”

18. “Never got a good seafood dinner.”

19. “Found my rice bowl (job), lost my dreams, then found grad school and lost my rice bowl again.”


I’m not entirely sure what that nose is about.

21. “I deeply regret telling my mom I was in a relationship. She yelled at me all night.”

22. “Failed the bar exam and college English requirement. Was only in one relationship… but WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!”

23. “Too few girlfriends, too much bullshitting.”

24. “Never partied like crazy. Never wore high heels. Never wore any makeup.”

25. “1. Never travelled to Mt. Huang. 2. Didn’t start skipping classes in freshman year. 3. Failed to flunk any of my classes.”

26. “1. Never found a boyfriend. 2. Failed to work off my double chin. 3. Failed to learn English.”

27. “Failed to lose weight.”

28. “1. Never had a relationship. 2. Never bought anything for my parents with the money I earned. 3. Never mastered a foreign language or traveled alone.”

29. “Can’t hang out with my bros forever after college.”

30. “There’s still so much more to see in Beijing.”

31. “No Regrets.” #Yolo. Get out of my face.

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