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College Student Creates Epic Math Equation To Figure Out White Girls (Photo)

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Anthropology has always been the go-to subject when it comes to figuring out why people act the way they do — although, nowadays most people probably know it as that store with all the really cute stuff girls can’t get enough of.

If you wanted to figure out why girls love Anthropologie (the store) more than any other place on Earth, it would stand to reason that an anthropologist would be the person you’d want to talk to.

However, a student at Auburn University is doing what he or she can to solve that problem using a pretty unconventional strategy.

It’s a bit like the “Crazy Matrix,” only infinitely more involved. Although I’d love to think this problem is somehow mathematically sound, I haven’t encountered most of those symbols since my freshman year of college when I pledged never to use calculus in my daily life.

Hopefully, the student is able to figure out a solution so the world can finally solve the mystery behind white girls.


Photo Courtesy: Orange & Navy

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