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Community Post: 10 More Geektastic Legend Of Zelda Crafts Now On Etsy

1. Zelda Key Hook

Available in 1, 2, or 3 hook options this will ensure you never forget your keys again. After all, wise old men aren’t easy to ignore.


21 epic songs available with three metal designs. Get all of them for an awesome Hyrulian Pimp look.

3. Navi Cameo

Hey! Listen!
This cameo looks beautiful… but don’t be surprised if it gets annoying after the first few hours of wearing it.

4. Rupee Jewelry

What better thing to spend your money on than… money? Oh well you certainly can’t buy that new shield with dollars, and these rupee sets are the perfect way to not-so-subtly flaunt that grass-chopping wealth!

5. Shield Apron

Protect your clothes from evil stains and show your geek pride around the kitchen.

6. Link’s Twilight Princess Hat

Link's Twilight Princess Hat

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Through dungeons and across seas this hat is signature to the look.

7. Light, Fire, and Ice Arrows

This trio of arrows will get you through any temple.

8. Deku Shield

Beautiful hand painted Deku shield—-just keep it away from fire or you’ll have to start buying in bulk.

9. Mask of Truth

Perfect way to keep your partner honest.

10. Knitted Minish Cap

Perfect for the crafty Zelda fan, Ezlo is sure to help you on your quest to find your kinstones.

…what? there are no kinstones in real life? Then you my friend are not looking hard enough.

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