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Community Post: 10 Reasons To Get Out Enjoy The Snow: Starring Neville Longbottom


1. Make Silly Faces When Playing With Your Friends

Listen, sometimes playing in the snow isn’t graceful. Don’t be afraid. Just be yourself. It’s alright.

2. Enjoy Everything As If It Were the First Time You Saw It

And maybe sometimes it is.

This is what happiness looks like. Find it today.

Bonus: In Gif Form

Arrive in snow. Derp. Repeat.

3. Master Snowbank Hide and Seek

Neville Longbottom lives in Syracuse, NY. In Syracuse, there is enough snow to play hide and sneak in the snowbanks. Here is the world champion in the midst of hiding, but don’t worry – you can be a master yourself if you really believe in yourself.

4. Snow Shoeing

Whether person or Corgi, long legs or hilariously short; get out there and snow shoe. It’s a fun hobby and it’s good exercise. Here is Neville (Upstate NY Corgi snow shoe champion) posing for the camera in the middle of a deck run (He can’t go very far with his short little legs).

5. Be One With Nature

Be One With Nature

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Nature is amazing. Get in amongst the sleeping living plants while they prepare for a spring rebirth. Walk in the forest or explore the wilderness. If you are a corgi puppy, perhaps the remnants of a garden will suffice.

6. Marvel Upon the Wonder of Nature

Wow. Nature is amazing. Don’t rush through life. Stop and smell the roses, or in this case – the snow storm. Life is precious.

7. Be Yourself

A key to enjoying yourself in the snow, or any situation, is to be yourself. Sometimes you want to be wild and just enjoy life. Do it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, what you should be, or how you should act. You are the captain of the ship. Steer it towards success.

8. Make Tunnels, If Necessary

If you find yourself in a circumstance where you need to get from Point A to Point B, but for some reason your legs are but two inches long – do whatever you need to do to get where you need to go.

Your face will understand.

9. Let Snowflakes Touch Your Tongue

Every one is different. Every one is special. But none of them are as special as you, baby.

10. Get After It! Take Charge of Your Life!

Get after it. Doing laps in the snow tops everything, especially when you are one foot tall.

Do whatever makes you happy. Start today. Don’t let anyone get you down.

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