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Community Post: 10 Things Only Redheads Will Understand

1. Any SPF lower than 45 is a death sentence.

How many times have you gotten burned on your first day of vacation and had to stay inside the rest of the week?

2. Some colors just don’t look good on us.

Not Ariel’s best look, but she wears it with confidence – the key to any outfit.

3. We are a precious minority that needs protecting.

There’s even a redhead minority scholarship. I wish I had known about that earlier.

4. Yes, we’ve seen the South Park episode and no, we’re not daywalkers.

I actually have some friends who are and I just don’t understand.

5. We are naturally equipped for holidays.

We are naturally equipped for holidays.

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Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, etc.

6. We don’t all look alike.

We’re individuals, just like everyone else.

7. Dyed hair doesn’t make you a pureblood.

But we need all the help we can get. Welcome!

8. We feel pain differently.

We have a mutated hormone receptor. It’s fine.

9. We have a tendency to be firey.


10. Save a life. Love a redhead.

Don’t stand by and let this happen in your community.

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