Community Post: 11 Reasons We Love Italian Director Dario Argento

1. Dario Argento is a Master of Horror. He has written 41 and directed 23 films. Most are in the Fantasy/Horror genre.

“Horror is the future. And you cannot be afraid. You must push everything to the absolute limit or else life will be boring. People will be boring. Horror is like a serpent; always shedding its skin, always changing. And it will always come back. It can’t be hidden away like the guilty secrets we try to keep in our subconscious.” -Dario Argento

2. He knows how to play with lighting and isn’t afraid to use shadows to scare the living crap out of us.

3. He chooses watchable leading ladies and supporting actresses.

“I like women, especially beautiful ones. If they have a good face and figure, I would much prefer to watch them being murdered than an ugly girl or man. I certainly don’t have to justify myself to anyone about this. I don’t care what anyone thinks or reads into it. I have often had journalists walk out of interviews when I say what I feel about this subject.” -Dario Argento

4. And then he kills them off in the prettiest of ways.

“Horror by definition is the emotion of pure revulsion. Terror of the same standard, is that of fearful anticipation.” -Dario Argento

And a variety of ways.

Including gruesome ways.

5. “Suspiria” was filmed without sound. Argento recorded the dialogue later and dubbed it over the film.

I mean, who does that anymore? Genius. The delay in sound from when the actors are moving their lips further adds to the audience’s sense of unease.

Suspiria is a such a whimsical horror film as it is. This feature only enhances our extreme fear.

6. Argento understands the art of theatrical film angles. His movies are also notorious for caring more about the shot than what’s happening in the film plot-wise, also known as “style over substance.”

“Is it right to be obsessed with looking at terrible things and sharing them with other people?” -Dario Argento

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7. His “Three Mothers” Trilogy spans 4 decades.

Part 1 – “Suspiria” in 1977
Part 2 – “Inferno” in 1980
Part 3 – “Mother of Tears” in 2007

Can you spell d-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n?

8. In his films, whenever he needs to show close-ups of the hands of a male murderer, Argento chooses to use his own.

Personal touch.

9. His set designs become characters unto themselves.

And he loves the color RED if you hadn’t noticed.

10. His films have the best poster art.

11. Argento himself looks like a character in one of his movies. This may not be a real point, but it has to count for something.

As a side note, the “Suspiria” soundtrack by Goblin is Dario Argento’s work in a musical nutshell. Listen and enjoy.

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