Community Post: 12 Reasons Peter Capaldi From “Doctor Who” Is One Of The Best Regenerations Yet

Peter Capaldi is the 12th actor (13th if you count John Hurt as the War Doctor in the recent 50th anniversary special) to take on the helm of the Doctor in the acclaimed British sci-fi series Doctor Who.

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We’re only 4 episodes into the newest season and it’s already exciting thinking about all the possibilities that await us as we follow the Doctor in different adventures through time and space.

Most of the Doctor’s escapades have started off innocently enough – like a spontaneous visit to Robin Hood in Medieval England – but have ended with a looming suspicion as we try to figure out what The Promise Land exactly is.

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Despite all the questions we’re dying to have answered, Capaldi’s performances each week have offered a refreshing take on the 2,000+ year old Time Lord.

Here are 12 reasons why the 12th Doctor is easily becoming one of our favorites:

1. His physicality.

He’s a big ball of energy that’s constantly winding up, just waiting to explode.

2. He speaks with his eyes.

His subtle glances say a thousand words, more so than 5 minutes of dialogue can achieve.

3. His grumpiness.

Need I say more?

4. His increasingly sarcastic humor.

5. His palpable chemistry with Clara.

12 Reasons Peter Capaldi From "Doctor Who" Is One Of The Best Regenerations Yet

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Despite the Doctor professing his hatred for banter this season, the dialogue between the two is loaded with equally sassy remarks.

6. His simplistic style.

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“How do I look?”

7. His lovable awkwardness.

“No, no, no! I’m against the hugging! Please!”

8. His bluntness.

The Doctor is less friendly and more serious this time around. No more lies.

9. His darker, more mysterious side.

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The Doctor is still insecure about himself and growing hesitant at the notion that he is a hero. It takes Robin Hood to try and convince the Doctor that he can still do good, even if he doesn’t yet believe it himself.

10. His representation of the Doctor being more of a philosopher and a dreamer.

He’s constantly searching for answers to the most impossible questions without the aid of his TARDIS; willing to put his life in jeopardy to finally discover the truth. In “Robot of Sherwood” the Doctor manages to figure his way out of a jam without his trusty Sonic Screwdriver.

11. His ongoing tendency for troublemaking.

As the season progresses, the 12th Doctor appears to be acting more youthful. Thus increasing his chances for mischief.

12. And obviously, his blatant Scottishness.

“I can complain about things!”

Here’s to the rest of the season and what the 12th Doctor has in store for us!

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